As leaders in a constantly changing field, we must ensure that the ecosystem we are fostering draws on its best talents and that advancement of knowledge and opportunities in digital intelligence benefits all members of society. To address these challenges, we pursue the following objectives in order to support and guide the student members of our community:

  • Support development and transfer to industry of digital intelligence research produced by students and postdoctoral fellows;
  • Support the professional development of students in digital intelligence;
  • Foster, consult and support a dynamic, inclusive and multidisciplinary student community in digital intelligence.

Reference framework

IVADO Student Committee

The Student Committee, which was created in August 2020, has seven members representing several areas of digital intelligence drawn from undergraduate as well as graduate faculties of our partner universities. The committee’s terms of reference are twofold:

  1. Represent IVADO’s student membership so as to better meet their needs;
  2. Develop and strengthen the social, professional and academic relationships within the IVADO student community.

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