Get your research out of your lab!

Are you interested in science communication? Would you like to be able to highlight the importance of your research project, its innovative aspect and its potential applications to the public? Then this program is for you!

Sign up and benefit from the support of a professional of scientific communication to learn how to write, in English or in French, an article for the general public on your research project… in 800 words.

To participate, simply send us your contact information and a brief summary of your project using the form below.


« J'ai grandement apprécié mon expérience de publication avec vous ! J'ai beaucoup appris tout au long du processus et j'ai l'impression de m'être amélioré quant à ma communication scientifique. »

Francis Banville, Étudiant au doctorat en sciences biologiques à l’Université de Montréal


Deadline to apply for the next cohort: coming soon

Eligibility criteria for the “My Research Project in 800 Words” program:

What are the advantages of this program?

  • Acquire / refine your skills in scientific communication: you will be accompanied by a professional throughout the writing of your article!
  • Gain perspective on your research project: finding the right words to explain your project to an unfamiliar audience is an art! This exercise will allow you to see your project from a different perspective.
  • A turnkey program: in addition to the professional support, we take care of the translation, publication and relaying of your article to our IVADO community!
  • Benefit from outreach: your article will be shared with our entire IVADO community through our various communication platforms (website, newsletters, social media, etc.). In addition, if you wish, you can come and share your experience and talk about your project at our annual IVADO Digital October.
  • An asset for your CV: this article will certainly be useful for your next grant application!

What does the coaching consist of?

Selected authors will be part of a cohort that will receive one-on-one counseling on an ad hoc basis, over a total period of approximately eight weeks.

Here are the steps you can expect:

  • Week 1: follow-up by our professional.
  • Week 2: Meeting 1 with our professional and other participants to give you tips and tricks and to go through our guide for writing your text.
  • Weeks 3, 4 and 5: time for you to write the first draft of your article.
  • Week 6: Meeting 2 with our professional to edit this first draft.
  • Weeks 7 and 8: Iteration period, in order to produce the final text.
  • Publication of your article: the articles will be signed by: XXX (student), with the support of YY (extension advisor) as part of the “My research project in 800 words” initiative. A proof will be sent to you for verification before publication.

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