Composition of the comittee

Antoine Boudreau LeBlanc

PhD student in Bioethics

Patricia Gautrin

PhD student in Philosophy

Junior Momo Ziazet

PhD student in Computer science

Carter Rhea

Doctoral student in astrophysics


Doctoral student in operations research

Meriem Mehri

Master candidate Management in Analytics and Data Science

Fabrizzio Sabelli

Master's candidate in applied mathematics

Anne Imouza

PhD candidate in political science

Raphael Zerbato

Doctoral student in Economics

Felix Laliberté

Master's candidate in sociology

Charlie Gauthier

PhD candidate in Machine Learning

Mélanie Sagniez

PhD candidate in Bioinformatics


Formed in August 2020, the Student Intersectoral Committee is composed of 9 members covering several fields of artificial intelligence and coming from all the academic levels of our partner universities. The mission of the committee is twofold:

  1. To represent students within IVADO in order to better respond to their needs;
  2. To develop and strengthen social, professional and academic ties within the IVADO student community.


The committee collaborates in the organization and promotion of our various student events. It also participates in the writing of the monthly student newsletters as well as in the development of consultations with our community.

In addition, the committee develops its own calendar of events, in collaboration with our team. Here is a list of the main achievements of the committee since its creation: