IVADO is supporting this research program with $1.2M as part of our Strategic Research Funding Program launched in 2021. We invite you to visit the program’s main page to view its objectives and better understand the process that supported this project.

Program description

Human-AI interactions are common nowadays. We interact with artificial intelligence daily in performing many professional and personal tasks. Humans’ adoption of AI, however, is far from automatic, successful or satisfactory. Whether we are citizens, employees or consumers, issues such as bias, lack of trust and even low user satisfaction affect our likelihood of adopting AI in various contexts. To foster adoption, a holistic approach to AI is therefore needed. This multidisciplinary research program is investigating the full cycle of responsible AI development, from inception to adoption by users, putting people at the heart of the process. The goal is to map out guidelines for human-centred AI design using an iterative, multimethod methodological approach led by a multidisciplinary research team.

Principal Investigators

Pierre-Majorique Léger

Full Professeur

HEC Montréal, Tech3lab

Sylvain Sénécal

Full Professor

HEC Montréal, Tech3lab

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