Stéphane Carpentier

Knowledge mobilization advisor

Advisor in collaborative innovation strategies for more than 25 years, Stéphane Carpentier holds an EMBA with business financing option, to which is added a technical curriculum in automated production, aerospace and additive manufacturing (AM).

Over the years, he has supported projects related to products or processes for several sectors or themes, including: industry 4.0, AM, robotics, artificial vision, expert systems or the introduction of emerging technologies. (ex. THz). Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Stéphane has started 3 startups, carried out more than 50 business strategy mandates, enabled the financing of more than 40 innovative projects and 3 research infrastructure projects ($20M).

He joined IVADO with the goal of accompanying industrial partners and helping them simplify the technological challenges they face by leveraging their data and other assets with digital intelligence.