Gleb Dmitrienko

Project coordinator

A translator, an interpreter, and a passionate researcher, Gleb Dmitrienko obtained his undergraduate degree in translation followed by a Ph.D. in linguistics. For several years he worked as a faculty before moving from Russia to Canada in 2012. Since his relocation, he obtained a master’s degree in Translation Studies from the University of Montréal, and is currently completing his doctorate in the same field and at the same institution.

While leading his postgraduate research projects at the University of Montréal, Gleb worked as a project coordinator for the implementation of Wi-Fi solutions to Canadian and US businesses. During these years, Gleb has acquired the necessary knowledge and professional skills in project management, communication, and planning. Thus, Gleb joins the IVADO team with in-depth knowledge of the academic environment, as well as with professional skills in research and project management. As a project coordinator, he will be responsible, among other things, for compiling the reports for IVADO’s major granting agencies.