Dr Michaël Chassé

Université de Montréal

Clinical Assistant Professor

Specialist in: Intensive care, organ donation, neurological death, epidemiology, research using large databases, blood donation and transplants

Michaël Chassé is a medical specialist in intensive-care medicine at Université de Montréal (CHUM), a principal scientist at CHUM Research Centre, and assistant professor in the Université de Montréal Department of Medicine and School of Public Health. He earned his PhD in epidemiology from the University of Ottawa. Dr. Chassé is scientific director of the CHUM Centre for Integration and Analysis of Medical Data (CITADEL), which brings together a group of scientists and professionals specialized in health science, biostatistics, bioinformatics and machine learning. His main research interests lie in the improvement of traditional epidemiological research methods using new technologies such as machine learning and innovative clinical trials, particularly in areas related to critical care such as organ donation, organ transplants and blood transfusions.