IVADO Digital October 2022

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Join us at the Campus MIL on October 21, 2022 to take part in IVADO Digital October! This great bilingual meeting of student research in AI was born in virtual format in 2020 and we are looking forward to holding this third edition in person for the first time. Hundreds of participants are expected: we look forward to seeing you there! Designed by students, for students, the day is structured around about 50 presentations during which IVADO-supported students present their research work on exciting and varied topics such as the role of social media in political polarization and misinformation, the prediction of epileptic seizures, or the detection of extragalactic planetary nebulae! It is also a great opportunity to network with hundreds of students involved in AI research. The level of popularization of the conferences allows anyone interested in the field to benefit from the event. Take advantage of it!

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Introduction workshops

In early October, take advantage of these 2 free preparatory workshops, open to everyone and highly recommended for the event’s speakers:

October 4: How to successfully communicate your research
October 7: Mastering scientific poster communication 

Also check out these preparatory documents and workshops, which will help you perfect your presentations:

Promote your research through the media (IVADO)
Structurer et scénariser une présentation orale académique (IVADO)
Making a better research poster (AJE – American Journal Experts)
Astuces pour une présentation par affiche dynamique! (Réseau de l’Université du Québec)
Conseils en communication scientifique (Acfas)
Les 10 RaccourSci de la communication scientifique orale (RaccourSci)
L’affiche scientifique : Maximiser l’impact de sa présentation (Sentinelle Nord)

Awards for the best presentations

By presenting your work at Digital October, you have a chance to win a prize ranging from $500 to $1000!

  • Videns Analytics Award for the best oral presentation – Smart Cities and Societies block: $1000
  • CHUM Award for the best oral presentation – Health and Artificial Intelligence block – $1000
  • GIRO Award for the best oral presentation – Algorithms of Tomorrow Block – $1000
  • NorthStar Award for the best oral presentation – From the Earth to Planets block – $1000
  • Ericsson Award for the best oral presentation – Flash presentations – $500
  • Hydro-Québec Award for the best oral presentation – People’s Choice Award – $500
  • Ericsson Award for Best Poster Presentation – BSc – $500
  • Intact corporation financière Award for Best Poster Presentation – Graduate and Postdoctoral programs – $500

Presentation Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation criteria – Oral presentations (10 or 3 minutes)

  • Respect of the duration and the format (preferably one slide for the 3 minutes presentation)
  • Level of vulgarization of the research project
  • Quality of the speaker (speech, speaking loudly enough and not too fast, ease)
  • Contextualization allowing any audience to understand the importance of the research
  • Emphasis on what distinguishes the student’s work from that of other researchers in the field
  • Quality of the visual support

Evaluation criteria – Poster presentations

  • Ease of reading (coherent structure, font size, whether or not the poster is overloaded, and color contrast)
  • Vulgarization of the research project, both on the poster and orally
  • Highlighting of the main results and scope of the research
  • Clear, short and catchy title and conclusion
  • Legible and easy to understand graphs and tables
  • Presence of the student during the poster session

Relive the 2 previous editions of Digital October in video!

Youtube playlist of the 2020 edition
Youtube playlist of the 2021 edition