February 7, 2023

IVADO, a key partner for AI training

AI is the talk of the town. How can you take advantage of its meteoric rise? Training will set you apart!

IVADO is at the forefront of Québec and Canada’s artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem. After years of close collaborations with academic and business partners, the Institute is well aware of one of the main struggles that organizations face with regard to AI: adoption.

“As a leader in mining processing, Corem knows that AI is going to play a critical role in the industry. However, AI adoption is a challenge for our members and clients, due to a lack of internal expertise, skilled workers or organizational flexibility.”

Francis Fournier

President and CEO of Corem (IVADO industrial member)

This problem is widespread, affecting countless companies and institutions in all sectors of the economy. Yet one thing is clear: the fascinating world of AI can only be accessed through training.

Since 2016, IVADO offers a diversified curriculum of AI training, shaped both by the cutting-edge research that the Institute oversees and by its in-depth knowledge of the market. Thousands of people, seeking quality and credibility, have thus chosen IVADO to get up to speed in AI.

In 2023, IVADO will keep up the good work. To promote AI adoption, it will continue to foster AI literacy both for those already in the workforce and for those just now joining it.

“Our curriculum is adapted to diverse profiles and meets specific needs. Therefore, it is accessible to all, including those who have been historically underrepresented in technological fields (women, visible minorities, etc.). Whether for an introduction, a retraining or advanced knowledge, there is something for everyone.”

Mélanie Bosc, Director of Training, IVADO

While Québec is confronted with a generalized labour shortage, embracing diversity in this manner democratizes AI and the career opportunities it brings.

Professional development is around the corner. For your AI training needs, IVADO is the answer!

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