June 2, 2021

New IVADO Strategic Research Funding Program

Today we are announcing the launch of a new strategic research funding program. This program is distinct from the two prior fundamental research competitions (known as PRF1 and PRF2 in French) in that its aim is to fund a very limited number of proposals for strengthening our community’s positioning on strategic issues and challenges related to digital intelligence.

This initiative involves identifying, supporting and funding up to five framework programs for large-scale research for a total budget of up to $6 million. Ideally, complementary funding would be added via local or international strategic partnerships.

These framework programs aim at advancing knowledge in digital intelligence while promoting socio-economic benefits and a strong impact for Québec and the rest of Canada. They will bring together multidisciplinary research teams, driven by a shared commitment to resolving major scientific challenges.

To learn more about this new program, please visit this dedicated page.