November 20, 2019

Quantolio partners with IVADO

Montreal, November 20, 2019Quantolio and the Institute for data valorization (IVADO) are pleased to announce a new partnership to promote innovation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) software applied to the financial field.

Quantolio is an independent financial technology firm based in Montreal that specializes in developing AI-driven software solutions for financial institutions, with a focus on asset and risk managers. Quantolio’s clients are financial institutions looking to enhance their processes / investment strategies through AI. Quantolio’s risk management culture is rooted in their technology and daily activities.

This partnership is in line with IVADO’s mission to bring together industry professionals and university researchers to develop leading-edge expertise in data science, operations research and AI. As part of this collaboration, Quantolio will work with the Fin-ML network, or Machine Learning in Finance, which aims to train a new generation of professionals in the field of innovative machine learning technology in quantitative finance and financial business analytics.

The collaborative projects that will emerge from this partnership between Quantolio’s R&D experts and researchers in the IVADO ecosystem will drive innovative applications in the field of financial software, catalyze talent development and help financial institutions meet the challenges of the digital transition.


Quantolio :
Amine El Kaouachi
Founder and CEO


Sandra Estrela
Communications coordinator